Bonfires and What to Expect


If you or someone you know is coming to stay in or around Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, I highly recommend a Beach Bonfire with The Chair Guys. Basically how it works is first we pay for our $100 fire permit through the South Walton Fire Department. Now keep in mind these permits are non-refundable. So by any chance you need to cancel before the day of fire you can be refunded for everything EXCEPT the cost of the permit.


Whenever there is a booking for a Beach Bonfire on one of the beautiful beaches of 30A, there are a few things we have to take into consideration before setting up the fire. After we have secured our permit for a bonfire at the customers desired location, one of us Chair Guys will head to that desired beach prior to the fire. The reason is that we must measure the depth of the beach. Our fire pit and tiki torches must be at least 50 feet from the sand dunes and at least 15 feet from the waterline. If we are not in compliance with these distances we could be fined. Please remember that we have to be careful with the fire so that we do not damage plant or wildlife in or around the beach. Last but not least, if you are bringing food or drinks to the fire please keep this in mind. DO NOT BRING GLASS ONTO OUR BEACHES!!!!!!


About 2 hours prior to the start, one our team members will load up a truck or trailer with all the necessary equipment for a picture perfect 30A Beach Bonfire. This equipment includes a regulation sized metal fire pit, 6 foot folding card table with table cloth, up to 6 tiki torches, wooden beach lounge chairs, s'mores fixings, speaker, and corn hole boards if requested. They will also have gear to start the fire as well as plenty of wood to keep that fire burning. There always additional things you can add to your fire package including cooler with ice, pizza delivery, shuttle driver, etc. More than likely if you want it, we can make it happen.


Depending on how long you booked the fire for it can last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. While at the fire have a great time, but also be courteous to other groups that may be having fires as well. You will have a fire attendant near by for the duration of the fire. You will see them coming back and forth to tend to the fire. If you need assistance of any kind that's your person to talk to. Remember these guys live on tips so try to remember to tip them at the end of the fire.


Like all good things, even our fires must come to an end. Once your fire is over try to make sure you clean up any trash or personal belongings around the fire. There will be a small trashcan at the fire as well as several near the tops of each beach access. Once your group depart the fire attendant will scoop the hot ashes into a metal bucket and pour water on them to cool off. They will carry all equipment of the beach and allow fire pit time to cool. Once it is cooled we will carry it off the beach. We always double check to make sure all trash and wood debris is cleaned up after the fire. We want to make sure we keep 30A beautiful.


If for any reason you need to cancel your bonfire before the day of the fire, we will refund you for everything EXCEPT for the $100 nonrefundable permit through the SWFD. If you would like to change the date you may do so, but you will have to purchase another permit. If the weather on the day of is questionable and you feel like you might wanna cancel. Please do so by noon of the day of. If the bonfire gets set up, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!